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Yum! So many delicious recipes! Luckily there are three meals in a day, now if I only had 48 hours instead of 24.

Last weekend I watched Hungry for Change online ... WOW! Talk about an eye-opening and informative film. It has reinvigorated my desire to juice; so I am now on track for juicing once a day. My "recipe" of choice is one apple, one orange, a couple stalks celery, a bunch of parsley, and a bunch of kale. It is A-MAZING. Back to Hungry for Change ... this film has some very interesting information about the ridiculously high levels of sugar we eat and where it is hidden. It also explores why foods that seem to contain no sugar, actually are equally as harmful to us. There is also some very interesting information on the deadly combination of ingredients in diet soda and why MSG and its alter-egos are so bad. It also talks about what we should be eating for ultimate health. Bottom line, my synopsis here does not do it justice, so I would recommend watching it for yourself. I can honestly say that this film changed the way I think about food - and that says a lot considering I have written my own e-book on healthy eating!

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