two favorites from today

I have been working on a lot of *remember the days* lately, but a lot I mean literally over a hundred over the past week. So far today, I have done about ten or so, and these two are hands-down my favorite of today so far. First off, the Hoffman *remember the day* commemorates the birth of two "miracle baby" twins.  Also, for this one I had to combine the "baby boy" and "baby girl" palettes, something that I had never done, but I am loving the result. On the second one {Hayden}, I LOVE the extra quote that Hayden's mom, Marley included, "your first breath took ours away." So precious! And, I love the "citrus" color palette for baby girls.

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krissea said...

I love the font and the color of Luke and Marlowe. (I started to type "cholor" hahaha :)


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