recipes on my mind

Just an FYI ... from last Friday's recipes on my mind post, I made the tofu tacos and the thai chicken wraps ... both were amazingly delish!

I just made the crockpot beer chicken tacos, as well, and they were delish - much more mild that I anticipated. I threw some chopped onion into the crockpot with the chicken. I served mine with some homemade salsa (roma tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, lime juice, and salt), avocado, and Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream). My toppings really added much needed flavor and made for delicious and fresh chicken tacos.

I also just took a batch of the Paleo banana chocolate chip "cakies" out of the oven - WOW! These "cakies" are super-easy, healthy, and super-delicious! I highly recommend!!!

Do you have a fun weekend planned? I am hoping to get a long run in and for some beautiful weather to welcome the Daylight Savings Time change on Sunday! 


JL Candelaria said...

Yay for daylight savings!!! I had no idea! And I will be trying the "cakies" this afternoon. Thanks Chloe!

chloe marty said...

Yes, the cakies are DELICIOUS! You will not be sorry! I am almost through my first batch ... I will have to make a second batch before John gets home from Park City so he can have some :)


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