meet kristin

Meet my great friend, Kristin.

Isn't she so cute? I adore her, and am so grateful to count her as my friend.

Kristin has been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time ... in fact, she has a blog that acts more of an online journal (and she wasn't even sure if other people could see what she publishes on this online journal). However, more recently she has been wanting to start a blog in earnest, which obviously I can relate to, remembering how I felt before starting &chloe. I think it is a feeling many of you can relate to. Well, Kristin is truly moving forward with her decision and plans to start her blog soon - she purchased the domain and has decided what niche she wants her blog to fill. Big steps. Important steps. krissea begins! (you'll have to wait to get the explanation on "krissea" when it launches)

I am thrilled that she is moving forward, and I love the concept she has developed for her blog (again, I will let her share at a later time). But, TODAY, I am excited to introduce Kirstin here on &chloe because in the interim between now and when she launches her blog, Kristin will be doing a little guest blogging here on &chloe (yay! woot woot!).  Kristin's guests posts will be on varying topics that are health and lifestyle related as she has a professional and personal passion for natural products. Not only did her love of the organic, outdoor lifestyle bring her to Colorado 8 years ago, but it is also a large part of her dedication to her position at Zuke's, where she has worked for 6 years.

Her time at Zuke's has allowed her to dive into the professional world of natural products as that is a channel of brokering Zuke's all natural dog treats. Natural products - that is where her first post here on &chloe will take us!

Next week Kristin will be attending the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, one of the largest natural product industry trade shows. It is an industry hub showcasing products in the categories of natural and specialty foods, organic, supplements, health and beauty, natural living and pet products.  According to Kristin, this show is amazing for finding new and existing natural products ... and no one would turn down the abundant samples, either.

Kristin will be attending this year's expo with &chloe in mind (lucky us!!!), which means she is going to report back with the scoop on her favorite products that she finds at the show. I am so excited to bring a new voice to &chloe, along with some great information about natural products. I, too, love natural, healthy, fresh, clean, pure products, albeit my focus hasn't up to this point allowed me to bring the spotlight to them with this intensity on my blog.

So, watch for Kristin's feature after she gets back from the show ... and let's hope it is the start of many more!

*Please note: I would like to note now that all the products Kristin shares on &chloe will be featured because of her genuine interest in those products. Neither Kristin nor I receive or will receive compensation of any kind in exchange for promoting products on &chloe. We talk about shit 'cuz we truly like it, not because someone entices us to do so!


Unknown said...

Oh HOORAY!! I already know Kristin, but I love "meeting" her again through Chloe's eyes! And I am ridiculously excited for both Kristin's guest blog as well as her actual blog! The anticipation is killing me!! YAY!

chloe marty said...

Well, Em, I cannot wait for YOUR blog in addition!!!

Lisa Nielsen said...

I look forward to hearing more about Kristen's great finds! I am jealous as I would love ot attend that show!!!

JL Candelaria said...

Yes, YAY for Kristen's contributions to &Chloe AND for the launch of her own blog {and Emily's!}!!!


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