plum district deal - 50% off *remember the day* fine art print

I have a deal running on Plum District right now (and for the next 4 days) to purchase my *remember the day* fine art print for $20 (that is 50% off). The deal is running in the "Denver-South" market, but anyone can take advantage of it.

How it works: you purchase a coupon code through Plum District. Then, anytime between now and 08/14/12 you put that coupon code in my website during checkout and it applies the $40 to your order making your *remember the day* fine art print essentially $0 (because you already paid $20 for the coupon code).

Now that's a Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

I will be running more Plum District deals later this month and throughout the year, follow my blog or friend me on facebook so that you know when they are happening!

This is a great way to "stock up" on new baby and wedding gifts!

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