back home from Miami

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday! We were traveling back from Miami all day yesterday after getting in two more home viewings in the morning.

The bad news, we did not find "our" house. The good news, we got to see lots of different areas of Miami and now we know where we want to live (as in what neighborhood). We saw some cute homes, some that I would love to live in, and some scary homes. The areas/neighborhoods that we found that we really like are just fabulous: tree-lined streets with beautiful older homes that are well cared for. These neighborhoods have a lot of character and are just what we are looking for! Our trip down to Miami really allowed us to explore the area together, and the result is that I feel confident that I will enjoy the new chapter in my life down in Coral Gables, Florida. We will be able to find a cute little home and when we finally make the move (exact date up in the air - a few weeks? a month? a couple of months?), it will be to a place I will be happy to be.

Here are photos of my two favorite homes, along with a photo of me smoozing a frog at Whole Foods and a photo of the city of Miami. I should preface these photos with the fact that we are not putting an offer on either of these homes, I just liked them tremendously.

Speaking of traveling ... look at this adorable carry all travel case from apple & bee. How fun is the print ... and it looks like it organizes travel necessities so nicely!

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JL Candelaria said...

Yay Chloe! It all sounds and looks good to me :)


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