*remember the day* website progress

As part of one of my current classes, I have been building a simple website devoted to my *remember the days*. The site will serve as a portfolio of the designs I have done for customers and as a source of information about sizes, materials, typeface options, and color palette options. It also will have a PayPal shopping cart so that a *remember the day* can be purchased directly through the site. The site is nearing completion, and I will be shouting about the "official" launch soon ... but in the meantime here is sneak peak of the home page:

The beta (testing) version of the site is online at www.remember-the-day.com ... feel free to check it out. Any feedback you have - good or bad - is always appreciated.


Liz Witte said...

Hi Chloe,

I've seen your remember the day cards, and love them. So adorable! Do you or can you create a personal stationary?



chloe marty said...

Hi Liz,
Yes - I sure do create personal stationery. I can do cards/postcards of all kinds! Email me and let me know what you had in mind: chloe@hellotheredesign.com

very best,


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