matchy hangers

So, as you may or may not yet be privy, I am MOVING! After 12 years for John and 9+ years for me, John, Mocha, and I are leaving beautiful Durango, Colorado behind for the sunny shores of Miami. Big difference! Moving on from Durango will be a bittersweet move as we LOVE Durango, the home we have made here, the lifestyle we live in the mountains, and our friends. However, we are excited for this big change! In preparation for listing our home in Durango and packing up to leave, we are doing a major clean and purge: getting rid (trashing & donating) of things we do not need/want and packing up things we will take but do not need on a daily basis. This clean and purge included our closet. It has felt so good to simplify, consolidate, and organize. My closet still does not feel organized enough; it is sparser, but not color-collated or anything. Then, I saw something today that I hadn't thought of: matching hangers (instead of having a mish mash of all different colors of hangers). 

Bri Emery over at DESIGNLOVEFEST makes a fabulous point ... matching hanger make all the difference!

photo by bonnie tsang

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