watercolor pet portrait: nikki

We are heading to Las Vegas today - a long 8+ hour drive from home in Durango. We are running in the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon and we are also visiting John's grandparents, who live in Henderson. It is a long drive, and this will be a quick trip, but it will be fun. After being home only about 3 weekends in September, October, and November, though, I am ready to be home! Luckily after this trip to Vegas, I am home for the rest of December (I cannot, unfortunately, say the same for my busy hubs!).

And, lets hear a "woo-hoo!" - it's officially December! What are you up to this first weekend in December?

I finished up this portrait right before Thanksgiving but I hadn't had a chance to share it with you yet...

Nikki was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (I say was, because she is in dog heaven). Carol, who had me paint Elly for her sister-in-law, also had me do this portrait of Nikki. Nikki was Carol's sister's dog.

It was a challenge for Carol to find a good photo of Nikki. Her sister did not have many photos, and because Nikki is not longer with us, we could not snap any new ones. Carol finally found a photo of Nikki as a puppy. It was an old photo from 1997. Carol scanned it in and sent it over to me. At first I was skeptical; the photo was grainy and Nikki was small in the photo. However, since Carol scanned the photo at a very high resolution, I was able to blow it up nice and large so I could see the details of Nikki. For the portrait, I "zoomed in", making the portrait mostly of Nikki and a lot less background.

Isn't she cute? Although she is a Chesapeake, she remind me a lot of Mocha, especially how she looks in this portrait.

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