living room & dining room

My living/dining room re-do - if I were to redecorate my living/dining area today, this is what I would do... maybe one day I will.

{click image to enlarge}

//Flooring: Brittany Oak
//Paint: "Oyster"
//Sofa: Ian Sofa (existing)
//Ottomans: Lind Round Ottoman
//Dresser posing as TV stand: Anders 6-Drawer Dresser
//Arm Chair: Audrey Chair in Mirror Mink
//Ottoman: Audrey Ottoman in same
//Eames® Chair: Eames® Leather Lounge Chair and Ottoman
//Side Table: Bubbles Ceramic Side Table 
//Mirror: Seguro Mirror (existing)
//Lamp: Alexa Table Lamp
//Art: Tu, Rhynd 1 & Tu, Rhynd 2
//Art: my bike sketch silkscreen print
//Rug: West Elm Zig Zag Rug
//Dining Table: Ventura Dining Table
//Dining Chairs: Soren Dining Chair
//Dining Chairs: Eames® Molded Plastic Armchair
//Dresser: Calvin 5-Drawer Dresser
//Rug: Roundabout Rug
//Pendant Lights: Unfold Pendant Light
//Art: Homage to the Square 1 & 2
//Art: Fuch's Competition Engineering logo silkscreen print

*"existing" means it is an item I already have.

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