2012 planners

Shortly after Christmas comes the New Year, and that means time for a new planner! I love my planner ... I am a list-making planner and that means a good agenda/date book/planner (whatever you want to call it) comes super-appreciated by me!  Here is a round-up of some planners, any one of which would work fabulously for me!

//1// Present /&/ Correct 2012 Daily Book (as seen in my gift guide)
//2// Laurel Denise Planner
//3// Moleskin Extra-Large Action Weekly Planner
//4// 2012 Daily Planner
//5// DIY Digital Planner
//6// 8-Days-a-Week Planner
//7// CAts Let Nothing Darken thEir RoaR 2012 calendar
//8// o-check classic diary


Kathryn said...

Love your collection of planners and calendars. Thanks for including my 2012 Planner!

chloe marty said...

You are so welcome, Kathryn! Thanks for stopping by to say hello.


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