what to wear: cold weather running

Although I prefer summer, fall, and spring to winter, I still appreciate some aspects about the colder winter months ... I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, I do enjoy cozy, snowy days, and I love to run in the cold and snow.

In my opinion, cold, snowy weather is no excuse not to run! It makes my run more of an adventure. Colorado winters can be cold and/or snowy, yet there was only ONE extreme weather day last winter where I could literally not go outside and run. All the other days, whether cold and sunny, cold and gloomy, cold and snowy - I was out there in it running ... and loving it. Who wants to run on a treadmill like a gerbil?

So far we have still had fall weather ... I have had to wear pants once, though and capri tights several times. My Icebreaker top has been getting me through colder morning runs, but I really have a small arsenal of clothing options for various temperatures.

So, what do I wear to run in the cold?

(click to enlarge)
{base layer/tank}
{long sleeve tech top}
{turtleneck wool top}
{capri tights}
{long tights}
{road shoes}
{trail shoes}

Do you run? Do you keep it outside all winter long? What do you wear to keep warm?

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