watercolor pet portrait: hilda

Meet Hilda, a Rottweiler Mix who was rescued from the Tulsa SPCA by David and his wife, Dana. Her favorite toy is a little stuffed animal named "Baby" and her favorite food is peanut butter. Hilda has really been Dana's comfort the past few years, helping Dana through some rough times - when her Dad died and when David and Dana's other dogs died within 2 months of each other. I am not surprised to hear that Hilda is such a loving sweetheart - looking at those gentle eyes makes that pretty obvious.

David had this portrait painted as a gift for Dana. I really hope she likes it. From the photo, I "zoomed in" so that the portrait would be mostly Hilda and less background. Hilda's eyes are absolutely adorably beautiful, so I really focused on capturing them. I am SO happy with how everything turned out.

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