watercolor pet portrait: a hen named roo

 I have never painted a hen before ... first time for everything!

Those feathers were fun, but challenging ... I had to use a lot of paint and a lot of layering to get the effect I wanted.

"This hen has a name - Roo and Roo belonged to Aubrey! She was one of Aubrey's first chickens, given to her in a batch by a local veterinarian. Jake, Aubrey's husband was never thrilled with the idea of chickens, but when this vet called Aubrey and asked if she was serious about wanting some chickens, Aubrey said "Yeah, Jake will kill me but that is the only way I'm going to get chickens". The vet then called up Jake and said he was bringing some chickens over, so Jake had better find somewhere to put them! 

Roo was one of these chickens, and she was named Roo because Aubrey thought she was a rooster when she was a chick. She grew up super tame and would run to Aubrey any time Aubrey came outside. Roo would stay by Aubrey's side while she worked in the yard. Roo was also good with kids and just let them pick her up. Aubrey had Roo for 2-3 years, but something (an animal) ultimately got her... a chicken eater of some sort who got into the pen one night. Anyhow, Aubrey has good memories of Roo who's portrait will match her kitchen decor perfectly."
 -story courtesy of JL Candelaria - Thanks, Jenny!

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