my *dream* studio wall

I love picture/photo/art walls where many different sizes and compositions are arranged on a wall. Arranging pieces on a wall in this manner is a great way to display a diverse collection of art; and the pieces don't need to be exactly congruous and matching. I am constantly coming across prints and illustrations that I love and would like to display in addition to a few photos. Currently, I do not have a wall for such an installation, nor do I have a dedicated studio space, but I envision one day having a large wall filled with photos, illustrations, prints, graphics, etc. that will serve as my display for such things, as well as serve as a giant inspiration board.

Here's is what my wall might look like:

A closer look at what my wall includes:

1. Lesson Plan by Ligature, Loop & Stem
2. Let's Go Ride Bikes Letterpress Print by 1canoe2
3. vintage letter C
4. Oh Darling... print by FiFi Du Vie
5. Homage to the Alphabet printed on vintage dictionary paper - Letter C
6. Onward Silk Screen Print by Manvsink
7. photo of my fraternal grandparents (see below... it is beautiful)
8. vintage wood type letter Ms
9. watercolor portrait of Mocha painted by me
10.  Hand-lettered Books Print by The Black Apple
11. bike illustration by me ... coming to my Etsy shop soon
12. portrait of my dad doing a wheelie on his motorcycle in San Fran (see below .. so cool)
13. Rainy Night Print by Blanca Gomez
14. *remember the day* of my wedding
15. LOVE print by Beau Champing
16.  Painting titled "Tiny" by Michelle Armas
17. Thistle by Terrence Payne
18. "Foxes in Love 2" print by Schalle

The two photos ... I had to share closer-ups:

And, lastly, because it's color monday ... my wall's color palette (along the top of the image below). It looks rather haphazard, but the point is that it doesn't have to me "matchy-matchy".

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Unknown said...

This is amazing! I hope you get this one day! I might have to come by your studio and just enjoy! The photos truly are awesome, and of course I like the original Chloe stuff too!


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