Doesn't it feel good when you have an item of clothing that you love, and then you read somewhere that that item of clothing/style/color/pattern/whatever is the sh*t. Now, I am not a die-hard, follow the runway fashions kind of girl, but I like to know that the outfits that I whip up and put together out of my humble and casual wardrobe are working.

Take for example this top:

I wasn't always big on stripes; especially in blue and white they feel too nautical. But, this top won me over. I have been loving wearing this Splendid tank all summer, mostly with cut-offs but in the past couple of weeks, it has enjoyed a pairing with my new Rag & Bone jeans which I have been cuffing:

Well, then I come across this image (Marissa Webb - J.Crew head of womenswear - looking sharp!) on Happenstance (image originally from Page 6 Magazine):

Now, I am still (1) a sweater layered, (2) a pair of orange pumps, and (3) some gold necklaces away from Marissa Webb's ensemble, but I would like to imagine that I am rocking the Durango, Colorado version of this outfit.
And, that makes me smile - or rather this is the only photo I have of myself wearing this top!

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What is your favorite piece from your wardrobe right now?

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