mochie-roo link round-up

Well, here we are - Friday has come again! I am going to Telluride today, just a little day trip. Tomorrow I have a bicycle ride to do (Durango Fall Blaze). The fall weather is proving to be delightful. Hope you have something fun planned!

We lived off of the most delicious breakfast burritos for breakfast this week ... I made a big batch last Sunday. They were:
  • mashed sweet potato (boil the potatoes until soft and then mash)
  • organic eggs, scrambled (about 1.5 eggs per burrito)
  • black beans
  • fresh pico de gallo salsa
  • organic maple sausage from Sunnyside Market
  • feta cheese
  • wrapped up in Stacey's organic tortillas (made locally)
Wow are these tasty and good for you, too - plus they will keep you nice and full!

I thought I would share a round-up of some of my favorite posts from my MOCHIE-ROO blog (which is now replaced by this blog). Enjoy!

the truth about dog food
unique business cards
pumpkin overnight oats - must make soon!
Inside of a Dog book reports
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dog heaven
studio space envy
looking in to the past
homage to the square
he ate it
all of my everyday palettes
and some particular favorites: (1) (2) (3) (4)
vintage Christmas card specimens
family trees
old ladies & gents
some favorite color palettes from design-seeds
did you know? some interesting facts about dogs
all of my posts about my watercolor pet portraits
etsy favorites
jenn ski

There are quite a few, but I promise there is some pretty good stuff in there!

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