in the position of transition

I am currently in the process of getting (this) my new blog up and running. I will be migrating some of the content from my blog over at MOCHIE-ROO onto here, as well as adding many new features. Here on you can expect a chronicling of my "thoughts, ideas, and inspirations relating to design, lifestyle, fashion, food, my design and watercolor work, and other blogs" - as my little blurb says.

&chloe will feature posts about:
  • design: others and my own, specifically graphic & web, logo design, paper goods, and my favorite shops
  • pets & watercolor pet portraits: I will continue to share my in-progress and finished watercolor pet portraits, along with a biography on the subject of the portrait - this is the reason I started my MOCHIE-ROO blog in the first place, AND I love sharing my furry friends with you. I will also continue to share pet-related content including, pet products I love and pet health & wellness information.
  • rooms & spaces: certainly this could be categorized as design, but I am skimming it off and making it into its own category featuring beautiful interior design (some exterior design, too)
  • color palettes: I LOVE color and therefor will feature not only my own palettes (see my Everyday Palettes that will be migrating over), but I will also feature palettes created by others
  • fashion: like any good girl worth her weight in clothing, I thoroughly enjoy fashion so you will find smatterings of that here
  • food: I love good food and by good I mean not only tasty, but healthy and whole, too. I will feature recipes of my own as well as share my favorite food-related tidbits from other blogs, sites, and magazines
  • business: creating, building, and growing businesses fascinates me. I will share my own business lessons learned, as well as other business resources I come across
  • other blogs: one of motivations for expanding my blog was the enjoyment I get from other blogs - there are so many amazing blogs & bloggers out there! I want to share my favorite blogs with you that cover the whole gamut of topics - lifestyle blogs, design blogs, fashion blogs, food blogs, etc.
I am planning out my daily features and will share those soon!

I am still in this position of transition, but I plan to be posting regularly soon, so check back (or subcribe to receive &chloe posts via email - even easier). I will be in touch soon!

Very best,

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Unknown said...

So excited for the new blog! particularly excited to read your posts on food, interior design and fashion! :)


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