recent *remember the day* designs

Multi-typeface (Lady Rene, Brownstone, and Strangelove) & a design seeds palette

Multi-typeface (Lady Rene, Brownstone, and Strangelove) & a custom palette

custom typefaces & colors to match wedding invite


JL Candelaria said...

I love the arrow in the one and the Steamboat one is so cool! Those typefaces look awesome and seem super Steamboat appropriate. Did you do the invites? What a cool package you could offer perhaps... invites & rtd

chloe marty said...

I did not do either set of invitations. The ones for the Steamboat wedding are gorgeous, though, right!?

I love the colors!!! I am definitely going to have to incorporate that arrow into a wedding invitation design, though - I already have ideas on that now I just need a bride who wants an arrow on her invitation!!!


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