recent *remember the day* designs

  • Vincent's *remember the day*: 8x10" fine art print Yoko (typeface) & design-seeds color palette
  • Damon's *remember the day*: 8x10" fine art print League Gothic (typeface) & design-seeds color palette
  • Kurtis' *remember the day*:  8x10" fine art printSpud (typeface) & custom color palette

Look for more of these to come as they are part of an overall project (photo & art wall) which will include these *remember the days*, photos, and some other typographic art!

8x10" fine art print 


Unknown said...

Obviously, I LOVE THEM!!! But I will tell you that every single time I see one of these done with the Lady Rene, especially when it is pink, I think I need a GIRL! Such a cute typeface!

chloe marty said...

Yes, Lady Rene is so beautiful!!!!


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