recent *remember the day* designs

{above} One of the *remember the days* featuring multiple typefaces; this one features Kari Display, Zamenhof, and Pluto.

{above} This *remember the day* was super fun ... Josephine's parents wanted to make it extra special, not just have it tell about the day Josephine was born with the biographical information, but they wanted to add a story for Jospehine about that day. After talking to Joseph and Ellie for a bit, Ellie mentioned the exchange between Daddy and Mommy about Josephine's perfect petite-ness. I knew that was the perfect extra "story" about the day that had to go on this *remember the day*.  We also had fun coming up with the color palette, which was a find from Design Seeds. I love the way this *remember the day* turned out - I think it is one of my favorite!

{above} I just love Spud typeface for *remember the days* that commemorate a baby's birth!
{above}This is a 10x10" fine art print remember the day ... Hillary wanted to add a heart since Brennan is a Valentine's Day baby, and I was, of course, happy to oblige. We created this custom color palette from a photo Hillary emailed me of Brennan's room. I am always happy to work with special requests for color palettes!


Unknown said...

As you know, I just adore the remember the days! I think Josephine and Brennan are my new favorites! Great work Chloe! They are just beautiful!

chloe marty said...

Thank you, Em! I LOVE Josephine's too!!!


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